Beijing's first celebrity impersonations upcoming contest


Andy Lau, Jay Chou, Faye Wong, Tian Zhen?Who is the real "superstar"?"Hualei Bang was" Cup Beijing Kara OK star impersonations first contest will be held at 19:00 on August 9th in Beijing gorgeous town on New Zealand's style car.

Organizers said the event aims to develop and explore a number of outstanding artistic talent.Beijing will face competition both inside and outside the public, regardless of age, sex, occupation, as long as those who carries the dream, dare to challenge themselves, through auditions, preliminaries and finals, it may become competition is looking for "grassroots star."

To ensure the quality of competition, quality and standard of competition invited famous singer, Super Girl, the famous curator, music anchor, composer, well-known brokerage firm, acted as judges, selecting the real strength of "civilian sing" to build tomorrow's"arts superstar."

Currently, the national rookie qualifier finals judges, Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. CEO Polaroid light "bald Li Jin," "Avenue of Stars" champion, "Happy Girl" National Top 15 Yang Zi, as well as CCTV "China Love" column musical director"Chinese pop music decades Achievement Award" winner Mengmeng been identified as the contest's judges.

The competition will be based on "public", "quality", "fashion" and "public participation" principle, all free of registration fee, all players will be awarded by the Beijing Hua Leibang was Group New Zealand car town88% off auto gourmet fast car repair car insurance 6S service card.

Winning players will get to the CCTV "Avenue of Stars" recommended opportunities and Beijing's first karaoke OK star impersonations award certificates issued by the Organizing Committee, Beijing Hua Leibang Group provides ten thousand yuan was the highest prize money.

August 9th opening day, Qianlong • Chinese capital network and Sina official microblogging contest "Beijing's first celebrity impersonations Competition" contest will be broadcast live video graphics launching ceremony and first heats, is expected to watch the contest pomp through the networkwill be more than one million viewers.Competition finals will also be broadcast live.

Currently, sea election contest entry, the audience collection, as well as the city's major KTV sub-venue collection work has been started.Applicants please send a message to the

The event is organized by Beijing Automotive Industry Association, Chamber of Commerce, Chaoyang District, Beijing Hua Leibang Group Ltd. was jointly launched.


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