March 26 will be held at the Beijing news conference building international tourist destination Guilin


It is reported thatat 10:00 on March 26to 11, theGuilinMunicipal Committee, MunicipalPeople's Governmentin Beijing,the State CouncilInformation Officeheld a "international tourist destinationGuilinDevelopment Plan"approvedby the nationalpress conference.State Council Information Officepress conferencebySecretaryGuo WeiminnewschairedGuangxi Zhuang Autonomous RegionVice ChairmanMrChen Gang,Party SecretaryZhaoYueQinGuilinofficiallyannouncedto the outside worldthe relevantinternational tourist destinationGuilinconstructionplanning andconstruction, andanswered questions from reporters

November 2012,the State Council,the National Developmentand Reform Commissionofficiallyapproved the "international tourist destinationGuilinDevelopment Plan", attractedpublicattentionat home and abroad.This is the state-depth implementation ofthe western development strategy,promoting coordinated regional developmentmadea major strategic decision, reflecting theCPC Central Committeeand State Councilonthe development ofsupport and loveof Guilin,Guilindevelopment has beenmarkedas a national strategy, markingGuilinentera newstage of development,Guilinepoch-makingmilestone inthe development, willopena new chapter inGuilincatchspan.


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